Monday, November 19, 2007

How I Make Music

Are you are a frequent contributor to MetaFilter Music?
If so, we'd like to hear about the music you make, how you make it, why you make it. It's called 'How I Make Music', and it's your chance to share your stories, tricks, and tips with your fellow music lovers via the podcast. Here's how it works:

  1. You record yourself speaking about your music and send the audio to me
  2. I edit the audio and put it into the podcast
  3. People listen to the podcast and marvel at how great you are

What could be simpler?!?

Kidding aside, I realize that sitting alone in front of a mic and talking about yourself can be a daunting and/or terrifying prospect. But it could also be a lot of fun!

Preferably your spoken segment would be Mp3/128 kbps/44 kHz simply because it's easiest for me to work with, but I can convert the raw audio after downloading it from your webspace, uSend, etc. I want to make this easy and hassle-free to encourage participation from as many musicians as possible. If you're having trouble getting started, visit this MeTa for ideas and inspiration. Some sample questions include:
  • How did you get started making music?
  • Have you ever had experiences with cryptonesia?
  • What comes first, lyrics or music?
  • Which of your songs do you like the most, and why? (If you have the time or inclination to create an alternate/stripped down version of that song for inclusion in the podcast it'd be great, but I'm already asking enough of you as it is)
  • What equipment do you use?
  • Best gig/worst gig/weirdest gig?
  • What's your work ethic?

If you'd like to hear an example of the finished product, the first HIMM segment featuring micayetoca can be heard on the December 10, 2007 podcast.

If you want to participate or learn more, contact me via Mefi Mail or e-mail.

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