Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 11, 2007


The inagural edition of the MetaFilter Music Podcast, showcasing the songs of the previous week.

Arabesque by epimorph
I Overshot You (Demo) by allaboutgeorge
California Dreamin' (cover) by cortex
Boerum Hill Stomp by fingers_of_fire
What Happend by Randy Curtis
Lofi Why by 31d1
Todas las Mitades del Mundo by micayetoca
Major Bounce by fingers_of_fire
I Wish (Remix) by agepolis
You Caught My Eye by markulus
Hopelessly Devoted to You, by chococat
On The Blue (With Apologies to John Coulton, Valve, Et Al), a robocop is bleeding/cortex joint
Darnyreye by 31d1
Balances by flying hamster
A Shrieking Blue by ORthey

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