Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10, 2007


There Are No Answers by edverb
Faster Peach by sleepy pete and melissa may
King of Flesh and Bone by saulgoodman
Turing Test(icles) by BoatMeme
How I Make Music with Micayetoca
-Maiquetia (Excerpt)
-Tracatacata Tun Tun (Excerpt)
-Blue Bird (Excerpt)
-Wildside (Excerpt)
-Un Murmullo (Excerpt)
Lullaby by nicollin


melissa said...

Hey, this is melissa may. Thanks so much for featuring micayetoca! He is one of my favorite contributors -- I love his music so much and he was so thoughtful about describing it. I learned a lot from it. It's rare for me to hear a musician talk at such length about the process of creation and inspiration. It was so smart of you to decide to make this a podcast feature. You are doing a fantastic job.

(And of course thanks very much for including one of our songs and for mentioning the comp -- I still have two cases in my basement and there are some kiddies who could sure use the scratch so buy, buy, buy!)

hlpufenstuff said...

Dammit, melissa keeps beating me to things today. Hooray for micayetoca! It was wonderful to hear him talk about his love of music. Whenever we do one of these, we'll just have a script for micayetoca to read.

layne said...

Truly, micayetoca did an awesome job on that segment. It was so intimate and honest and completely exceeded my wildest expectations... I can't thank him enough for the time and work he put into it. gnfti deserves huge props as well as for suggesting the HIMM feature in the first place.

Thanks for listening, guys!

boogers said...

This is fantastic. Alvy, I love your commentary. You should do more if that's possible. This is much like "Afro Pop World Wide" or something. It's just really cool hearing the songs framed that way.

Micayetoca, you rock man. You sound just as worldly and intelligent as I know you are.

Thanks, guys, this is really good stuff!

snsranch said...

Bah, boogers is actually me, snsranch!