Saturday, December 1, 2007

"MeFi session musicians. Awesome."

Like making music?
Like your fellow MeFites?
Like the idea of making music with your fellow MeFites?

Then you should check out the Music Collaborators entry on the MeFi Wiki. Visit this MeTa for more information and listen to some of the swell songs that have resulted from MeFites making beautiful music together!

And speaking of communal efforts of the aural variety, keep your ears peeled for the dizzyingly massive MetaFilter Music Collaboration, masterminded by goodnewsfortheinsane. Two excerpts of the tune, one of which was featured in the November 25th podcast, have been posted to MeMu thus far, and the amount of talent and hard work that has gone into the project makes it abundantly clear why MetaFilter Music is such an amazing and inspiring place.

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