Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008


Winter Again by Madeleine, ©©

A slightly subdued edition of the podcast, with ten songs suitable for curling up with on a cold winter day. By The Grace of God graces us with the acapella Ground Zero Blues, and ORthey and motty get bilingual with As Kids and L'echarpe Perdu, respectively. Visit motty's site for more music, and check out 'Bless Your Heart', the debut album from his band, Fit and The Conniptions. edlundart sings of Hospital Walls, ScottAndrew is At The Airport, and thepressdelete hopes you'll Change Your Plans. kimyo lights a match with Flame To The Fuses while Baby_Balrog's Michigan Boy tries to keep warm. not_on_display has Nothing To Say, and jan murray wraps things up looking out into the Glimmering Night.


edlundart said...

Hey, thanks for including my song! There are some really good tracks in this podcast. Everyone always thinks my name is Ed, but it's actually not. Edlund is my last name, and "art" is just what I do. I combined the words to form "edlundart".

Anyway, thanks for doing these podcasts. It's a good way to catch up. Would love more commentary and or discussions/interviews. The "How I make music" feature is a great idea. If you think anyone would be interested, I'd do one.

motty said...


And thanks. And pretty much what edlundart said, except for the bit about the name, obviously, which would be both redundant and, in my case, wrong, as I am not called edlundart.

potch said...

Not entirely sure why I'm only just now finding this (Most likely because I'm sidebar negligent, and Projects-phobic). Amazing work.

layne said...

edlundart: The names are the trickiest part of the podcast - or at least the things I stress most about, so thanks for the correction!

In the interest of making the 'How I Make Music' feature a little easier for people to participate in, I'm thinking about making it more of an interview-style Q&A piece, rather than putting the creative/analytical onus completely on the contributor. I just have to figure out how I want to go about doing that, technical-wise. I will definitely be in touch once I do, cheers!

motty & potch: Thanks for the music and the feedback, guys!

edlundart said...

Sounds good. Looking forward to future episodes.